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Justin & Amanda McNeil - Orlando, FL WeddingThe Haus of McNeil was established August 14th, 2010, when Justin married Amanda, but it was in the works long before that. Justin and Amanda met as children at the ages of 10 and 11. For 9 years they were friends, classmates, coworkers, and even neighbors. They didn’t start dating until August 14, 2007, and exactly three years later they married. Malachi, their first child, stepped onto the scene in January 2016.

Justin McNeil is passionate, charismatic, and loves people. He holds an M.A. in Counseling to help him know people more deeply and to aid them in knowing themselves. He is an enthusiast and is most commonly rallying people to live bigger, hope harder, and love deeper. He is a colorblind only child with a fashion penchant for flair, monochrome, and asymmetry.

Amanda McNeil is thoughtful, loyal, and nurturing. Her M.A. in Christian Counseling is used to walk with people through hard times and bring peace when it is needed most. She is an encourager who is always finding inventive ways to show love and bring comfort. She loves to create in the kitchen, on the sewing machine, and around the house. Her style is elegant femininity with iconic pieces and attention to details.

Malachi McNeil, also known as Chi (with a K sound,) is the couple’s greatest miracle. Medical diagnosis indicated that the couple would have difficulty conceiving so Malachi is the symbol of hope overcoming adversity. He has way too many clothes and he’s known for ultra trendy microfashion and a habit for drooling on everything he wears.

The McNeils reside in Central Florida and are at home at City of Life Church where the couple serves as associate pastors. The Haus of McNeil brings you fresh ideas in faith, family, and fashion.

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