Malachi’s Learning Center

Everyone is back into the swing of school, including our sweet babe! He is at a very fun stage soaking up everything and his vocabulary has exploded over the last few months. He loves playing outside (with hoses, sticks, watering cans, and anything else that isn’t a toy, of course!) and I love seeing how he learns. He has become a little obsessed with what he calls “cards” and “gaaaame” which are flash cards and a Montessori wooden pin & ring game. I wanted to create an inspirational little space (other than his room) where he could enjoy those things.

We do not have a playroom, but we have a little corner in the living room that is usually empty, except when a Christmas tree occupies it. Guess we have to find a new place for the Christmas tree this year!

I was inspired by a simple shelf I saw on Etsy with a thin piece of wood & string and decided to DIY one. It’s like the mountain anchoring this wall before we go up in space.

Thanks to his flash cards, Malachi knows there’s a “space shuttle” on the wall! These cute prints from Peach Stream Market were the perfect monochrome inspiration for this space. They lead up to a custom moon & stars mobile made by my shop, Sew Chic Studio.

PS, those blocks on the shelf have chalk paint so they can easily be changed depending on what he’s learning. These are so fun!

Ever since he’s been to Sea World, this little guy is obsessed with Penguins! He loves this sweet plush!

I think he loves having a space of his own because he has asked to play his cards and games more, and sometimes asks to have his snack at his own table.

For the record he started the love of flash cards! We’ll ask him “Where is the beach?” And he happily points to the card and says “Peas?” asking to do it again. (Peas = Please.)

He also loves his Noah’s Ark Finger Puppets because his animal obsession is real! I’m just so excited to see him grow with this space for many years.


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Artwork – Peach Stream Market

Furniture – Hobby Lobby

Mobile – Sew Chic Studio

Plush – Peach Stream Market

Shelf – Etsy-inspired DIY


Malachi’s Toys, Games, & Clothes

Finger Puppets – Cute Little Peas *use coupon code IGFRIENDS & tell them Chi sent you

Moccassins – Munchkin Moccs *use coupon code MMTEAM15 & tell them Chi sent you

Raglan Tee – Insta Toddler

State Flash Cards – Bright Eyed Baby

Wooden Toys & Chalk Blocks – Legacy Learning Academy *use coupon code LLAFRIENDS & tell them Chi sent you




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  1. What a cute little play corner!cwr also have an empty corner in our family room (only occupied by the Christmas tree one month of the yeat) thatcid love to do something like this!

    • Thank you! It was so easy & fun to do. And it’s a much better use of our space the other 11 months of the year.

  2. This looks like such a fun space! Definitely taking notes for my little one. Love the DIY and that penguin plush!!! <3

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